1- The result of Interaction between architecture and cinema is identity.
If we look at Iranian cinema precisely, we can find that in our cinema, the available narration is not reflective of our surrounding and Iranian cinema happens in no time and no place. In architecture, we involve in narration and identity and if we know such look as a proper method for architecture, we can find that cinema involves with narration and we cannot find a cinema which does not have identity.
Cinema and architecture can give identity in the society by narrating time and place unfortunately the identity crisis is involved in these fields such that when we refer to Iranian cinema, we find that the identity and narration of our cinema does not reflect the available narration in our surrounding and basically Iranian cinema seeks places which are unknown and therefore does not follow giving identity to the places.

“Scientific secretary, 1st congress on cinema and architecture
Seyed Mohammad Beheshti”
2- We shall look for lost identity.
Most of the arts are connected to each other, though they said that architecture is frozen music. In literature, architecture is used more. In theater, the architectural factor is used as décor. In painting, we have architectural factor and perspective while in cinema, such connection is very strong since in cinema, we have the possibility of establishing third virtual dimension well and in fact cinema shall look for architectural identity using the visual elements.
“Looking for third dimension
Manouchehr Taiyab”
3- Lost identity of Valiasr sidewalk in Tehran
Cinema and architecture create the identity in their interaction, though for studying the metropolis as the sample we can consider the three items of "identifying interaction, identifying place and spatial relations. Tehran, the Iran metropolis exceeds 8 million persons is in the maze of the real meaning of identity. The interactions which express the authenticity of identity are lost in the pollutions of Tehran and the identifying spaces are connected with tall trees of Valiasr which are now deteriorating and destructing.
The major excuse of Tehran for Resuscitation the meaning of identity may be renewal of these dead persons of Valiasr!