Makkah Techno Valley Project (MTV) is situated adjacent to Umm Al-Qura University that provides a natural synergy between academia and the application of research through specific technological and innovative and entrepreneurial programs.
The Research, Innovation and Motivation Project (RIM) is located as the core of ( Makkah Techno Valley) linking between different important youth and business facilities via the (Galleria Corridor).

The RIM project aspires to play a major role in offering supportive environment for youth in Saudi Arabia enhancing their abilities and developing their skills to experience achievement.

Projects objectives:

Educational Objectives:
-Learning creativity and opening the minds.
-Opening the doors for research.
-Learning leadership and life skills.

Social Objectives:
 - Encouraging the youth to be more active in the society.
 -Promoting confidence in Saudi capabilities.
-Confirming that creativity is for everyone.
-Helping the youth to be more connected, helpful, and socially successful.

Environmental Sustainability Objectives:
-Following the MTV criteria and to finding solutions for sustainability in nature.
-The center is designed to balance our economic, environmental and social needs.
-Conserving Energy.



The Concept:
The design of the project being partly underground is simulating the buried nest of wasp insect. This behavior is responsible for reducing energy consumption in the building (reducing heat).

The building of RIM center mimics the performance of wasp insect when they start the nest with few cells getting larger by the workers. The futuristic plugged in units (the cells) that could be added when they are needed function as a commercial\ creativity core.

The Proposed Program:
Entrances + cores-1000
Library-1500/ Stage-600 / Halls-800 / Media center-2000 / Cafe-600+100 Relaxation -500/ Learning center-2000/ Labs-1400/ Meeting rooms & Offices - 640/ Commercial -1000/ Total=12040

Student:Iynas Mazyad, Supervision: Dr. Muhamed Fekry

Wasp Nest RIM Center (Research, Innovation and Marketing Center- Makkah Techno Valley ) by Iynas Mazyad in Saudi Arabia won the WA Award Cycle 22. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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