Designed as a single unit house over four floors, for a multi-generational family, the residence is conceived as a unified space while still respecting individual spaces. The real challenge was that the single unit had to be designed such that it could be easily divided into independent floors with similar programmes if the client requirements changed in the future. Further, the top floor is designed as an independent, self-sufficient unit.

Simple and linear, the design revolves around the front garden/lawn, which is a rare urban opportunity these days in Delhi with the latest bye-laws. The entertainment activities are planned on the ground floor, around the front garden so that they could directly open out into the green space. Alternatively, an open space is provided in the center of the house to try and incorporate and bring in the greens into and within the house. The Ground floor is designed such that there is a through and through vision from the center of the house with green on either ends. The entry is designed so as to create a variety of experiences in all directions. The living spaces are divided over the first and second floors with the basement being used for informal entertainment, storage and services. The open space in the center unifies all the floors, while providing a relief space that brings in light & also an opportunity to create a sculptural element.

The current urban challenge with all the city homes in Delhi is to achieve maximum FAR while, still trying to break the monotony of an identical façade over all the floors. The design is simple with a subtle drama in terms of material on the ground floor. Different materials are also chosen keeping in mind the low maintenance required at the clients’ end. The top floor is set back to reduce the scale of the building and the overall volume seems like a monolith of two floors, sitting on the ground floor with the top floor being hardly visible.




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