With the use of recycling bottle this pavilion appeared as a temporary landmark in the side of the most important street of Mashhad which forced the residents of the town to think about recycling and the important role of its process on their own city environment.
With forereaching of Newrooz (Persian’s ancient new-year celebration) The City Hall of Mashhad do as a beautification trustee and arranged a call from artists for presenting their ideas in the direction of beautification of the town with concentrating on urban and environment concern.
With consideration of Mashhad population (3,500,000) and the volume of producing garbage with is 3 Tons in a day the subject of recycling has the first priority in the urban district which cause an interesting potentials for practical ideas.



The concept of project has been inspired from the covered passage which was a covered path in the traditional Iranian Architecture.
In design process with consideration of the nature of corridors of the form we decided to use the form of a horse saddle from two sides which brought us the following achievements
1-disturbing the simply of the form
2-elimiates the sight to the boundaries in the time of iterance which cause the most depth for the project
3-bring the sense of limitless in the viewer
The form of foundation were designed in a harmony mode with the form of whole project in two side (50 cm from the earth)for protecting the project from the environment forces and increasing the total height of project also as a proper place for lighting .
The structure has been designed with consideration of uploading and the influence of environmental factors such as prevailing wind which designed in 7 main arcuate elements and 6 subsidiary horizontal ones also, 250 meter tensional cable.
The bottles has been sat on the flexible metal mesh for covering the 6 arcs of project in the place of workshop .we flattened the form of these arcs on the earth then we gained the real length of those after that we attached the bottles on them. Finally, these metal meshes with bottles sat on the structure.
After visiting the site we decided to use the potentials of the site like: trees and benches .so, we locating the foundation in way that the project covers 2 trees and 1 bench which bring a very nice harmony for it .also prepare a very good place for tired passengers.
We use water color for filling the bottles in the following way: green for 2 entrance arcs which causes attraction that evokes the passengers to enter our project and blue for 4 middle arcs which bring a cool eye catching place both in the light of sun also under the lighting at night.
At the end the cock pavilion has 3 main goals:
1- Focuses people’s attention on the issue of recycling.
2- Be as a successful project in practical experience which shows that the cheep and recycling materials can be used in temporary projects in depriving areas.
3- Change the aesthetic taste of people of the society about the recycling materials.

Radis studio,
Shadi mehrpour

Green Portal by Hamidreza Mohammadpour in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 21. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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