LOGIPARK - Tuzla; a logistic park including 8 blocks which is to be built on a 160.000 sqm land.

The total closed area of the buildings which are located in Tuzla is 126.000 sqm

The 42 meters natural slope of the land and the power line passing through the land are the main factors shaping wide buildings placed on one level.

By using polycarbonate on the facadesi daylight is provided during the day and nice light effects are obtained at night.

Despite of the troubles mentioned above, the land was used effectively and the cost of constructipn was minimized by designing a project which requires minimum excavation.



Project: Logipark logistic park and Administrative Offices
Task: Architectural design and projects + Control
Project Area: 126.000 m²
Project Place: Tuzla / İstanbul
Project Date: 2008
Construction Date: 2012