O-SI™ was born from ideas developed by designers and doctors focused on developing a modular platform that would provide health care services to the population, in a modern, safe and agile way, based on the use of cutting edge technologies and current concepts of healthcare with mobility, sustainable reuse and social inclusion. Thus, O-SI™ is designed to be a mobile clinic, capable of moving to where people in need of medical support are, with its internal space prepared to carry out diagnosis, testing and vaccination.

The current situation arising from the Covid-19 pandemic was a determining factor for the development of O-SI™, presenting itself as an extremely fast and economical solution. It has a safe and sanitized environment, with the capacity to transport all the necessary equipment to meet the demands in the fight against the coronavirus, such as tests and vaccines. In addition, the wide mobility power that the platform has, its wide reach and the ability to quickly deploy, allow O-SI™ units to access locations where users who need medical care and vaccination are located, thus preventing them from traveling to the locations with greater exposure to the virus, protecting patients and health professionals.

The Immediate Health Bus (O-SI™) is a primary healthcare equipment, modular and mobile, of fast implementation and long range. The project foresees the re-use of up to 4.800 urban vehicles recently decommissioned from São Paulos’s bus fleet, and the adaptation of its internal spaces for clinical use.



The platform is based on our 2020 research regarding the user perception of the healthcare system during a sanitary crisis, the collected data confirmed more than 94% of users were uncertain or fearful of using either public or private healthcare systems due to fear of Covid-19 contagion. With that in mind we designed a mobile and biologically-safe solution (O-SI™) in which the users wouldn't need to get public transportation to reach treatment and would also provide redundant bio-safe technologies to keep its internal space clean and 99.99% antiviral thanks to strict protocols and healthcare technologies.

It is a healthcare system that has low impact on energy and carbon levels, first regarding its construction that reuses existing infrastructures and saves energy in the process and algo regarding its fuel, partially powered with solar energy. Also the fact that all medical equipment on board are mobile, the consumption levels are very low when compared to a standard medical care unit.

O-SI™ is focused on actively combating the Covid-19 pandemic in Brasil by providing a cheap, reliable and technological solution to the current sanitary crisis and also to become a permanent medical infrastructure, based on the sustainable reuse of existing structures (urban bus). The internal space of each unit is biologically safe and treated with several air and surface purifying technologies that eliminates more than 99% of bacteria and virus, including the coronavirus.

Andre Enrico Cassettari Zanolla, Antonio Roberto Zanolla, Sun Rei Lin