The design team has created an innovative and cultural urban oasis for the Dashenlin Pharmaceutical Group. To create a natural, healthy and sustainable office and living environment for enterprise cultivation, technology research and development and enterprise incubation. The team is exploring vertical urbanism to provide new solutions for the integrated use of high-density cities in the Greater Bay Area.
Uses the vibrant "forest" as the design inspiration, and continues the vertical spatial form of "forest",The designer creating a flexible and natural stacked spatial texture. The stacked and scattered building blocks form a rich variety of functional communities, and fully release the urban space in the site.
This project includes a variety of functions such as industrial research and development, supporting commerce, etc. The project tries to establish a connection with the city while meeting the functional requirements and balancing the architectural structure.Therefore, the designers starting from several dimensions of industrial use space, industrial development space and supporting space, dissolved the building volume into a series of building blocks of different scales, and realized the infinite extension of functions through the vertical overlapping of the blocks, releasing a multi-level flexible space.According to the new land use control index, a series of functions such as office, hospital, apartment, hotel and business are distributed in the vertical function, so as to connect each functional space with a flowing shared space and reshape the interpersonal relationship and industrial network.
For building the vertical green sharing comprehensive park, the team to the introduction of the urban green space area, the area in the atrium stretches between various vertical function block, expand the multi-level interactive open sky garden, experience for enterprises and visitors in depth the Shared the leisure, the view of natural space, to see around the city.



Liwan Operation Center of Dasanlin Pharmaceutical Group is located in the starting area of Hailong International Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Park in Liwan District. It is an important area of the "National Central City Core Functional Area" in Liwan District, and will become the "Guangzhou-Foshan Science and Technology Innovation Industrial Demonstration Area" in the future. The project is one of the key projects in Guangzhou, with a total land area of about 4.65 hectares.
The project is the first batch of new industrial land (M0) demonstration land in Guangzhou, and it will strive to build the demonstration benchmark of new industrial land (M0) in Guangzhou.The main structure of the project was capped in July this year, and the construction will be basically completed in 2022.

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Liwan Operation Center of Dasanlin Pharmaceutical Group by Guowei Zhang in China won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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