Since 2020, this was our first project. Being a busy supplier and manufacturers of Frankston, we had to manage somehow to install curtains and blinds in a big house.

As you can see images, both are from different rooms. The first one was captured in the kitchen that took 2-3 days to get completed.

Another picture was taken in the master bedroom where we had to install curtains.

Preparation for the project:

We were contacted to install curtains and blinds in a house in Frankston last year. It had to be a really quick job. So we started the preparation and asked our client to choose the made-to-measure curtains for their room and blinds for their kitchen.

Installation day:

Due to the COVID19, it was a challenge for our team to get the job done on time. That's what we are known for. It was not a big home but has 3 rooms and a large kitchen.

We had already a measurement to make the installation easy. Our objective was to be a quick and perfect job. But it took more than 2 days. As we already mentioned to the client that we can do this within 3 days.

The kitchen took more than a day. Only 3 rooms were left in the end. So we did it on the time.

The other 3 bedrooms were small but it was a little tricky to install the curtains and blinds. We chose the right fabric as the client needed for their products. Our task was to let the client know about taking care of the curtains after installation and how they can clean them without any extra effort.

The Location:

It was a residential job in Melbourne's southeast city. It was not far from our office location so we were on the given time.

More images can be found here:



3 windows in the kitchen
3 windows in the bedroom
2 doors

Ram Nada