Among the many wars in human history, more were the victors of the commander's wisdom and the superiority of the soldiers' mental powers than the numbers that fought the enemy with overwhelming weapons.

Established by 'Baekyang-Sa' Buddhist Temple, one of the largest temples in Korea, and donated to the ‘Sang Mu Dae’, one of the largest military units in Korea, this meditation center goes beyond religion and anyone visits for mental stability and healing of officers, soldiers, and their families. The goal is to develop the ROK Army's mental strength through a variety of programs that include meditation, yoga, reading, walking, listening music and cafe with tea ceremonies.

Who am I?
Am I truly the master of my self?
Do I exist because of the knowledge, experiences, concepts and theories I have accumulated? Isn't the purpose of true meditation to empty out all these karma one by one?

Visitors first encounter a tall, long concrete wall that blends with the beautiful Metasequoia tree. The meaning of this magnificent wall exists as a message that requires solemn meditation on the words and karma that he has done so far, and is designed to have the expectation of the meditation center to be unfolded in the future.

It was designed to allow visitors to feel a sense of stability and intimacy little by little while walking through the hallway which arrayed by smooth curved paper tube pillars quietly from the entrance.

When soldiers arrive at the main meditation hall, he'll encounter a beautiful pond and a panoramic garden spread out through a large glass. This pond, which projects the entire building, is a so called “reflection of life pond” that allows you to meditate on your past karma by looking at yourself.

Walking barefoot through a large garden surrounded by Metasequoia trees is one of the good meditation practices in Buddhism, where visitors can meditate in the meditation hall, followed by deeper conversations.

The Buddha statue used in this space is the most important word in the Buddhist scriptures, which well expresses the fact that the Buddha has neither come nor gone.

The overall design direction of the building is to emphasize the low, thin, and long horizontal lines so that visitors can rest their exhausted minds through inner peace, relief, and reflection. It is to hold the human mind that is running outside, to rest and heal.



- Location: Jangseong-gun, Korea
- Site Area: 2,760㎡
- Bldg. Area: 284.36 ㎡
- Gross Floor Area: 244.34 ㎡
- Bldg Scale: 1 story above ground
- Structure: R.C. & S.R.C
- Exterior Finishing: Exposed Concrete, T24 Low-E Pair Glass
- Interior Finishing: Papertube, Exposed Concrete, Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Architect : Kyeong Sik Yoon
Client : Sang Mu Dae(Academy For Military Education)
Associated Architect : Yoonjung Kim

General Contractor : Eldrim E&C
Paper tube : Soohun Jeong, Yoonsung
Furniture Design and Manufacture : Sangdon Lee, Verace
Wood Construction : Bumsoo Yang, Hyeyoon INT
Window Construction : Yeonsoo Shin, Space Window
Metallic Epoxy flooring : Youngsik Yang, Forsroc
C. G. Rendering : Wonsik Jeong
Military Supervisor : Kyeongchul Yoo
Photographer: Jongoh Kim

Sang Mu Dae _ Military Meditation Center by Kyeongsik Yoon in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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