The project is situated in Chengdu, the cradle of ancient Shu civilization and one of the China’s top ten ancient capitals and first national historical and cultural cities. As to the soft outfit design, an art space that embodies the value of innovation is created in the form of furnishing art, a town of “time and space”. Based on modern style, the space is mainly colored with yellow, dark gray, black and white, reflecting the elements of modern science and technology.

The whole space is decorated in modern and elegant style, added with delicate marble, brass and unconventional works of art as its details, creating a fantastic feeling of time travel.

A journey of art exploration starts from the floral art and artistic ceramics on the dark marble surface of the reception counter, which are in the shape of shuttling back and forth. The white sculpture is customized and created in reference to the whirlwind elements of shuttle time travel invented by artist Alice Aycock, decorated with yellow lines to add a sense of force.

The lamp decoration above the sand table is inspired by the hot air balloon, and the lighting patterns are simplified by the designer, with antique brass and glass material more available for future space, to tally with the theme. The silver sun-like model is hung on the wall, seemingly fluctuating rays of light radiating in all directions, with a little “rabbit” meditating beside the mushroom-shape lamp, which shows coexistent life in Nature. The yellow-background mural, which implies a time traveler, not only warms the whole ambience with the dotted luminous yellow, but enhances a sense of reality in “future” space.

The dark texture of the leisure area has a retro sense, and the gray marble under the counter reflects both the city’s old and new looks, with a white countertop where the modernity meets the trend of the times. A device with metal circular orbit is hung above, with long-leg chairs in fun shape and simple lines near the counter. A corner of the wall above is reserved to set a black globe along with metal colored works of art in distinct lines, free from the constraints.

The big public book bar makes full use of the space of the reading area, in collocation with high stools and creamy white cushions, to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. The raised surface of the corner area for children was furnished with items full of naivety. RPET fabric, organic cotton, colored cotton, recycled corrugated paper and other environment-friendly materials are widely used in the space, where art paintings can also be sustainable for use.



The area of this project is 1900 square meters.

Emma Zhang

Chengdu Everbon Renshou Feicui City Sales Center by Emma Zhang in China won the WA Award Cycle 38. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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