My concept is based on the idea that the new theatre (altogether with the blocks that surround it) should fit into the density of the present city structure

. The theatre consists of three main blocks: the stage theatre, the grand theatre, and the conference hall with a salon for the exhibitions. These blocks are connected with narrow annexes that are filled with the service functions.

In this cloth-like structure the yards between the wings can work as perfectly permeable public areas, squares. The walkways on one hand follow the line of the present path (that is being used today) and on the other hand they connect the two important squares of Ljubljana’s city centre that border the blocks that surround it.

With my building I have narrowed the existing gap of the surrounding blocks.

It has the orientation of the very important city-axis: Plečnik and this is where I set the main entrance of the theatre.



designed by: arnoba ghumyan

designed by: arnobaghumyan