Located on Nguyen Huu Tho street, near the Cam river which belongs to Da Nang city territory in Vietnam. Inspired by the style of ''brutalist architecture'' along with the idea from the Vietnamese folk saying ''Dragon Snakes up in the clouds'', the project features stacked blocks with grounded concrete surfaces, create a feeling that is both modern and close to people.

The idea of ​​combining green space with the building is expressed through the courtyard, the tree strips on the roof and around the building.

The ground floor includes the concert - hall, the lobby - exhibition area, the classroom area and the canteen.

The second floor includes the club area, the management board area. The third floor is the library area linked to the outdoor reading yard.

There are three approaches to the building, the building is pushed back to the west - south to create a square in the east - north.

Favorable climatic conditions help the project to catch the cool wind from the East mainly all year round, in addition, the upper yard area overlooks the Cam Le river.

The green fences are meant to partially block dirt and noise from the roads around the site, especially the noise coming from the nearby Nguyen Tri Phuong bridge.

The sports area includes a basketball court and a volleyball court.

The work is designed towards the newness in the shape of the building, the grinding concrete material with the style of ''brutal architecture'' contributes to a modest, close and unique beauty.


Project land area : 13400 M2.
The uses of the building were organized into three floors according to their function.

Supervisor : Nguyen Nguyen
Student : Duy Tan Bui


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