The project land, which has a rectangular geometry of 17 by 32 meters and stretches from south to north, is located in Mazandaran province, Sisangan region. Due to the proximity of the sea and the forest in this part of Mazandaran, the project land is in a favorable position.
The ground floor of the house is dedicated to the kitchen, storage, reception, dining room, fireplace, and guest bedroom. This floor is divided into northern and southern parts. The northern part is for guests' sleep and reception and the southern part is for dining and kitchen. The fireplace space is located between the north and south pieces.
On the first floor, the master bedroom has two bedrooms, a private living room, and two terraces, one facing the sea and the other facing the forest.
The second floor is dedicated to the royal space and flat roof. The flat roof, in addition to allowing more people to be outdoors, is a simultaneous view of the mountains and the sea.
The spaces were organized in two floors of the house based on the time of their use during the day and night and the people who used them. Spaces that are used during the day or designed for guests who may not be very intimate are located on the ground floor and the bedrooms that have a private function or are used at night are located on the first floor. The low width of the project land stretches south to north of the building and consequently causes problems in lighting and spatial division. The spatial projection in the middle and the splitting of the house fulfilled the aforementioned cases and became a suitable place for the main entrance of the house.


It is a house for personal use on weekends and holidays. The most important demands of the employer were a three-story building with a view of the surrounding nature and spaces such as living room, reception, TV watching, guest sleep, master bedroom, royal, service, storage, terrace, and backyard.

Saba Ammari