Installation of landscaping does take time. Doing it from scratch, improving the soil, measurements, and laying the turfs. All these things need to be settled before getting started with the installation.

Our team was contacted by the large house of Melbourne, where they needed a large artificial grass installation to cover their backyards. It was not going to be easy for the team to lay the grass instantly and get the job done.

They had pets and kids. So, they did ensure that if the installed grass was friendly for pets and kids.

We started plaining the ground with shovels and cleaning. Measurements were taken. They had already asked for the artificial grass from Synlawn.

The budget for this project was larger. Because of the area of the home, it needed large turfs to be installed to cover the entire backyard. We know a backyard is a place that can be enjoyed all day. It can be used to play basketball or a family get-together.

Our client needed Australian-made synthetic grass. And that should be suitable for Melbourne's weather. SYNLawn's team installed Lush 40 artificial grass in this customer’s outdoor play area.

The Benefits Client had:

-: They don't need to mow the area.
-: Water consumption is less
-: Suitable for all weather conditions.

The conclusion:

The lush green and natural-looking artificial grass was installed at a large residential place. It was the biggest project for our team that had to be completed in a day or two.

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Large Backyard
2 small corners
1 small front yard