The design begins with the questioning of the power created by western values over space and people as the main reason that creates the 21st-century crisis environment. The main initiative made in the project for the crisis is that in western metaphysics, space is a specialized object for human beings.
While space was a physical expression of how man constructed himself in his relationship with the cosmos in ancient times, a semantic manifestation of his existence, in the modern age western metaphysics highlights the functionality and radically transforms man's relationship with space. While space is a pure structure, an area of interaction, experience, and interpretation, today it appears as a subject and an object with the influence of western metaphysics. The space of Western metaphysics is customized for human comfort and is designed detached from urban dynamics. While man is a subject using space, space, on the contrary, turns into an object as a closed, abstract, and hollow pattern and cannot be thought independently of people. Western metaphysics separates man and space. After the space is designed, man is left inside, but space is not an expression of the presence of something like Aristotle's topo. While man exists in the world, the construction of the world consists of human experiences. These interpretations emerge in contexts in which people interpret themselves. That is, if we are deprived of the field of experience, the construction of the world will not occur. As a result, it is inevitable for space to become a subject.
The architecture of western metaphysics stole a lot from nature. We, on the other hand, believe that nature will recreate itself through architecture and that this is not a matter of choice but a necessity. In response to this crisis environment, we are trying to reinvent the space with intellectual and structural productions by putting technology at the center.
At this point, the design; takes place by integrating technology and artificial intelligence into architecture. In an age where people become machines and machines become humans, scenarios of bringing the space together with the city, which is made smart and conscious by artificial intelligence, are fictionalized. With the help of motion, sound, humidity, and temperature sensors used as a result of the analyzes made in the Etimesgut region of Ankara, which is the design context, the region's sunlight, human and vehicle density, energy use, weather events are simultaneously transferred to artificial intelligence. With these data, the form, size, and light data of the facades, roofs, and interiors of the buildings change. Thus, mutualist spaces are formed, which are constantly in motion and alive, and which are specialized by the use of the people in that area, by using the data for that area. While the space is an existential manifestation of the human being besides the need for shelter, the architecture at this point is made belongs to the place where it was built with the technology, climate, geography, and culture of the period it was built.
The architecture of western metaphysics stole a lot from nature. We, on the other hand, believe that nature will re-create itself with architecture, and this is not a matter of choice but a necessity. Thus, architecture becomes a physical expression of how man constructs himself in his relationship with the universe, as well as the place where he will take shelter.

"Neither the strongest species survive, nor the most intelligent; it is the most open to change that survives."
Charles Darwin


Location: Etimesgut, Ankara, Turkey
Year: 2021
Status: Designed

Murat Sönmez

Design Team:
Zeynep Üner
Handenur Demirarslan


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