Project location is in Edirne city of Turkey. Edirne is the western border province of Turkey. Exhibition center reception and management building design is requested. In the needs program, a reception hall, meeting space for 100 people, exhibition areas, executive and employee offices are required. Sarayici, the area where the project will be built, is in the form of a peninsula surrounded by water on 3 sides. Near the project area, there is the Justice Tower (Justice Tower) from the Ottoman times. It was built by Mimar Sinan in 1561 by Suleiman the Magnificent. The Tower of Justice will be the first face to come to the fair to meet the structure of the building. This new structure is not an obstacle to the tower of justice, it is a structure that it is intended to be. The building is designed entirely with glass, diagrid. The system was built in a way that allows the tower of justice to be seen. Visual continuity is prevented by taking other places underground. Here, the new structure was designed with an architectural approach that allows the Justice Tower to be seen as a glass cover, instead of having a self-expressive architecture that would diminish the importance of the Justice Tower. The fact that all the spaces required in the needs program are under the ground after excavations serve this purpose. The absence of any space on the ground floor made it possible to design the welcoming structure as an elegant cover. When the new Fair Welcome building is inside, the Justice Tower can be seen completely and the visual communication with the Justice Tower continues without breaking.


Diagrid Steel Structure

Selim Senin