“Life” is not just a light!

Life is a comprehensive effort between man and nature to save the future.
Today earthquakes are among the most important challenges of mankind, which take away thousands of lives every year and destroy thousands of homes.
Iran is one of the five earthquake-prone countries in the world and Tehran has three major active faults namely north, Mosha and Ray.
The plan includes light lasers deep in the soil located in safe urban areas, away from fault belts, and on urban traffic routes including parks and sidewalks.
These lasers have vibration sensors sensitive to above 5 Richter magnitudes and have panels around them that continuously convert human movement energy into electrical energy and store it.
Also, the pedestrian lights around the design have a photovoltaic system that is responsible for converting solar energy into electrical energy for optical storage of lasers.
Night is a time when everyone is resting in their homes and an earthquake can put many lives at risk, so at the time of the earthquake, lasers are activated to save people's lives by indicating safe areas of the city.
We tried to identify the safest parts of Tehran by examining the three main faults in Tehran and matching their green points.
These areas are free of active and dangerous faults. The lasers can be placed at different distances near these points, and the Red Cross groups can also pre-equip these places with tents and relief equipment, and in times of crisis and after the green lights of the lasers are turned on, people can easily They find places and take refuge there to save themselves from danger and save their lives.


light lasers, vibration sensors, piezoelectric system, photovoltaic system

Project team:
Sajjad Navidi
Dr. Hamzeh Mehrabi

Life Light by Sajjad Navidi in Iran won the WA Award Cycle 41. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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