A human being always seeks a deep awareness of his identity, an identity that is formed over time based on the national and religious indicators and criteria of contemporary man. One of the goals of architecture since ancient times has been to pay attention to culture and how it is transmitted to later generations. Feeling the need to create spaces and places that can bring people together for this purpose, has been one of the main concerns of architects and urban planners. Now it is important for architects to choose an approach in design that can strengthen the components of solidarity and social cohesion in order to meet the goals of such spaces and places. Therefore, the approach of collective monotheism in designing a cultural complex has been chosen. Monotheism is one of the main axes of Islam. Collective monotheism, one of the results of which is unity, is a comprehensible issue for human beings. One of the main concerns in Iranian culture today is the architecture that Iranian architecture and Iranian architectsu used to be in the world in the past. The culture of a society is one of the important materials for the survival of that society. Each society moves with its own culture, and this culture determines the way and directions of society. In other words, society sees, makes decisions, chooses and moves according to its culture. The culture of society has a great impact on its recognition and it can be said that society looks at issues through the lens of its culture and finds cognition affected by its culture of issues and we know the decisions and actions of man and society about everything based on knowledge of man and society will be done. Since the human way of life has changed for various reasons, so there is a need for spaces that are suitable for reconnection between different segments of society, so that it can be a cure for urban isolation in these days of human societies. "Introducing art at the public level and establishing an artistic relationship with the people," according to Kamran Diba, is one of the main concerns along with the cultural center construction movement. Therefore, in addition to increasing human, cultural and social actions and interactions, which play an essential role in the development of the city and its inhabitants, these spaces also succeed in preserving cultural and religious values.


The design of the facade shell, which is taken from the form of Islamic architecture arches, helped to use it as a metaphor that shows that by passing through the facade of the building, it enters a space with architecture taken from the diagrams of the concept of collective monotheism in contemporary times. This shell is reminiscent of the context from which the architecture of this complex is taken, contemporary Iranian architecture during the Islamic era. This type of shell is derived from the form of a sharp blade that is rotated 30 degrees inwards from the middle.

kimia Nikkhah
MohammadSadegh Khaji


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