The world is facing one global catastrophe after another. The Anthropocene era, when the crisis environment peaked and the influence of human beings on the earth reached the highest level, not only causes concerns about the future but also causes humanity to question its well-being. Sustaining life and well-being against the changing conditions and expectations of the world, societies rethinking new conditions and potentially unforeseen anxieties and challenges; It is necessary to put a stop to this trend by looking at ourselves and our city.

The subject was approached with the concept of social resilience at the point of producing an attitude. Resilience; is defined as the capacity of a system to cope with shocks and continue to improve; Social resilience focuses on the capacities and abilities of social beings to withstand and cope with various environmental threats. If we were in a resilient society structure as stated in the definition, if we were aware of our social strength, we would be in a position to say no to the formation of all these threats.

It is necessary to call for the formation of a socially resilience structure that we do not even have to resist, that no one can even take a step to destroy it in the routine of the values we have, and where we eliminate all possibilities. The formation of this structure takes place through the process of socialization. In this process, individuals should always be together so that when they come together, they should form larger wholes and create a tremendous power in the whole. (social resilient community)

The #timeforaction movement is started by digital activists who believe in the power of social media as the first stage of the process, based on the scenario I developed. As part of this action, a message is issued. "I'm calling out to you because I need your help. We want to encourage as many individuals as we can to be advocates of society. That's why I invite you to ask the following questions. If not me, who? If not now, when?" begins to take its place in social media. The interest shown in the movement reveals the community's need for solidarity and gradually expands its scope. Participants from all over the country begin to be recruited through online meetings that are held continuously. Through this movement, which makes the power of solidarity felt, the society is organized and goes to the streets. By using the urban space as a tool, they equip the public with images that will show people what can be achieved with the power of unity. In order to increase the power it has gained in this calm and determined process, the society seeks the value of space to invite all people to be involved in the process and to be a part of the resilience against the problems of the world.

In addition to being the most visible point of the city, the Bosphorus Bridge is an example of social instability because it is not a potential socializing area due to the way it was built and there is no pedestrian transportation today. Society aims to take a new and powerful step by meeting at the Bosphorus Bridge in order to increase its current social power. He begins to create the “Tower of Resilience” space to invite all people to be involved in the process and be a part of the resistance. The Tower of Endurance is a place of solidarity that will increase social unity, discuss all problems, keep consciousness alive, and at the same time aim to express a massive standing against the fragile state of the bridge.


Project Area: 10,000 m²
Location: Istanbul Bogazici Bridge, Turkey

Designer : Ceren AGA

Instructors: Ebru YILMAZ, Ülkü İNCEKÖSE