In collaboration with our good friends in Bangkok (OBA) we developed an architecture that try to minimize its footprint on the existing and lush vegetation of the Ao Yon Peninsula. Buildings such as the reception or the spa hover above the ground, minimizing its contact with the existing landscape. Additionally, the limited scale of this project (24 rooms) allowed us to be very generous with the surrounding gardens of each independent pavilion. Last but not least the tops of all villages have been landscaped minimizing its visual impact of the pristine Ao Yon Bay.

We have extrapolated our idea of “invisible design”. This invisible design aims to create an architecture that can be barely perceivable from the beach from the sea and from the surrounding properties. If everybody around us follow similar parameters, we strongly believe we can bring Phuket to its original lush and virgin landscape.

The biggest challenge of this project was structural. Having this levitating “structures on the slot of this narrow peninsula” was probably one of the biggest challenges in the project. We would like to believe that the best landscape designer in the country was engaged to research the local flora in order to create a seamless landscape that integrates seamlessly with the surrounding woods. Local artisans were key to develop wood work custom branch doors and even floral consultancy that follow our ideas to both provide color beauty and aroma to the different public areas.

Should we compare this new development with the surrounding hotels and residential structures? We immediately realized that this is the way to follow-on future. The World Architecture Awards will allow us to promote and spread the word on how to create more environmentally friendly projects that avoid over development witness in Phuket.



V Villas Phuket is a 24-freestanding suite resort in the south portion of the island of Phuket, in Thailand. The design scope included architecture to all three public buildings in collaboration with OBA from Bangkok. The full Interior design package was also crafted by our studio.

Hotel guests check-in at an independent, open-air pavilion inserted in the rainforest. The pavilion is surrounded by reflecting pools that assist lowering the air temperature during the hot seasons. This ethereal structure contains the reception desk as well as a seating area that could be utilized for private events. The art pieces envisioned for this space are created weekly with local fresh flowers. The pavilion was envisioned with an oversized, flat roof that hovers above the arrival zone. This is key to keep the different areas cool and dry.

Right below the welcome pavilion, we created five architectural pavilions that hover above the existing trees. These structures hold the spa facilities comprised of four private spa suites, one gym and one yoga pavilion. The central pavilion that connects all structures has a glass roof flooded with clear water that serves to cool down the yoga studio whilst projecting soothing ripple shadows into the exercise room below. All five pavilions play on the idea of transparency and immersion into nature. The design goal was to provide an escape to hotel guests that need to connect with nature. Pavilions are connected by means of wooden catwalks.

During the design process we constantly explored the connections between architecture and the natural environment, achieving the closest relation with nature through timeless design and exquisite choice of natural finishes and materials.

Our inspiration from nature made us use stones like travertine and alabaster and woods like walnut and bamboo teak with different veins and colors, applying different treatments to the same material we were able to enhance their properties depending on the design area where are located. At the same time, we went through a meticulous and detailed selection of wallcoverings, arts and raffias always with natural fibers, aiming for the closest relation with nature silhouettes, forms and colors.

The main hotel building is located atop the highest point of the lush and virgin Ao Yon peninsula. The three-storey high building holds the hotel’s main restaurant, the pool deck overlooking Ao Yon bay and the rooftop bar.
The restaurant sense of arrival begins at an intimate and secluded bar and lounge which screens itself from the main dining area by means of a series of three-meter-high bronze pivoting lattices. The lattices depict an artwork representing the local flora of the island.

The main dining has both indoor and outdoor dining seating arrangements at different floor levels in order to enhance the breathtaking views of the site. The restaurant also features a show kitchen at its north end.
The lower level of the main building features a 25-meter infinity-pool with intimate private cabanas on one of its sides and cascading sunbeds facing a lush green cliff. A small bar transforms into a chill-out area in the evening.

On the rooftop of the building, a large chill-out lounge offers different wood platforms to enjoy 360-degree views. A central bar anchors the outdoor room with two large communal day beds. As guests approach the end of the rooftop, a perimetral infinity water feature reflects the deep blue water of the bay. The roof top also includes a platform stage for various kind of performances as well as a twenty-seater cabana for private parties.
All three buildings were located on the topography of the site looking to enjoy the best views of the island. All structures are split into different volumes in order to emphasize an intimate and residential-like scale. Roofs to all buildings are made of wood with over-scaled glazing on the sides. Proportion to all indoor and outdoor spaces was carefully crafted to emphasize human scale and intimacy.

- P-Aoy – Design Coordinator
- Chanidapa Yooyen - Coordinator
Arquitectos – OBA Architects
- Smith Obayawat – Principal
- Sakol Taworntaweewong – Project Architect
Consultor iluminación – WITHLIGHT
- Chanat – Lighting Designer
Paisajimos – Plandscape
-Rushasri Tewinburanuwong - Design Associate Director
Consultor de arte - Art Resources
-Palida Boonyarungsrit – Art Consultant