”The sea and nature”

The Goodman Group was established 20 years ago in Sydney. It is a company that owns, develops and manages the industrial real estate.

In recent years, the demand for distribution warehouses has significantly increased as well as the number of people working in such places. As a lot of employees spend a whole day working there, the demand to create a refreshing spaces for the workers has also risen.

Therefore, this time, for the Stage 5 of a large scale business park located in Chiba New Town, some 470 m2 of the amenity space in the 154000m2 of the distribution warehouse was planned to be designed. Since the amenity space was required to be both relaxing and healing, we have created a space where people can feel and sense the nature and sea of Australia, where Goodman Group headquarters are located.

In practice, the entire space is designed to resemble the sea surface. This has been achieved by creating waves on the ceiling surface that come form the gradation to vibration of stainless steel processed onto the mirror face. In addition, by using the materials that reflect on the walls the movement of people, clouds and the sun, we have arranged a space where you can feel the fluctuations of the whole interior. On top of that, by making indoor plants look like seaweed we have expressed the underwater life.

As for the walls, we have used tiles called “Seigaiha”, commonly used in the past Japan. They show a traditional Japanese wavy circular pattern which design contains a meaning of “Blessings brought from the wide sea, and the happiness that will continue to the future like an infinite wave”. We have adopted this context as an icon that connects Australia and Japan.

We hope that employees can feel ”the sea and nature” there, and after relaxing and refreshing they can easily go back to work with a peace of their mind.



Area: 420.23㎡
Completion time: 2021

Design firm : KAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
Chief designer : Masahiro Yoshida
Design team: Asuka Tamaru ,Kim Hyeong Wook
Photography : Keisuke Miyamoto

Goodman Amenity Space by masahiro yoshida in Japan won the WA Award Cycle 40. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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