What if we imagined the shape of the future Iraqi city in 2050 ?! ABOUT THE PROJECT : After the wars and disasters that occurred in Iraq, the new generation needs a city with an original character to simulate the Mesopotamian civilization and restore power and authority while keeping pace with the needs of the new generation PROJECT GOALS : The original ancient cities of successive civilizations with a distinct character to meet the population inflation simulate ancient civilizations Where is the site and why? A rural city adjacent to the Euphrates, a city with a distinctive climate that is self-sufficient for sustainability, suitable for a similar project. What is the nature of the city and its shape? An agricultural river city that is also economically distinct in terms of wealth. It has oil wells that are not targeted, as well as Haditha Dam, the second largest dam in Iraq, and it is also a city with a previously active tourist character. What is the shape of the new planning? modern city with an authentic obedience, a developed city from all sides, which took its strength from its origin, planning, and diversified socially and economically. What is the new form of transportation? The presence of an old railway that can be used between the cities of Anbar and the capital, as well as in which public and personal transportation other than cars can be used to reduce the negative impacts of cars Haditha is located in the Anbar Province, in western Iraq, 140 km west of Ramadi, and 250 km west of the capital, Baghdad. On the banks of the Euphrates River, along 25 stretches, is a street from the cities of the upper Euphrates, and they are described by each other as the bride of the Euphrates



Master plan area 420.000sq m
Commercial 26 % 420*0.26=109.2sq m
Residential 51% 420*0.51=214.2sq m
Commercial with special regalia 4% 420*0.04=16.8sq m
Institutional 7% 420*0.07=29.4sq m
Entertainment spaces 4% 420*0.04=16.8 sq m
Green area
We have 3 type of residential budling
Type A 500 sq m with tow floor
Type B 300 sq m with tow floor
Type c small apartment 150 sq m in residential budling with 3 floor

Designed by: Yousif Omar
Supervised by: Raid Essoh


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