The memorial pays tribute to the victims of the August 4 explosion in Beirut.
It is the identity of each person. It reflects the hope that resides in every body shell
saddened by the attack. A hope of smiling, a hope of moving forward, a hope of peaceful
rest for departed souls.
Like rain, the light travels from the top of the memorial to pour over the meditation
space giving hope to the populations.
This memorial is a building whose exterior facades are dark black expressing the
pain, the sadness felt by the relatives of the victims, the populations affected from near
and far, the whole world, because of the explosion. The interior walls are a dazzling white,
expressing the hope for an imminent healing of the hearts of all those affected. It can be
compared to a black paving stone engraved with broken openings reflecting the wounds
inflicted by the explosion on the victims.
The roof is a slab pierced in the center by a large glazed half-sphere giving access
to a dazzling light, which are arranged around 200 half-spheres (of a truly smaller radius)
like the victims of the attack.
The first level, ground floor, is an area for visitors to pay homage to the victims of
the attack; area with a stele above and around where it is possible to place wreaths of
flowers for the victims. The stele in its center receives daylight from above, this overhead
lighting instantly immerses visitors in a world whose choice of a new start for a better
future is at hand.
All of the levels R 1 to R 5 are exhibition spaces, contemplating photographs
of victims and damage related to the exhibition.
Level R 6 is the area devoted to meditation, to the recollection of visitors who
need inner healing, the hope of a peaceful life, the hope of rest for the souls of the victims.


the project is designed in concrete and is laid on reinforced concrete piles.
-Six floor


Supervisor : Mr. DIANE Ousmane