The construction of the Ilisu Dam on the Tigris River in Batman, Turkey, which took place a few years ago, attracted world attention. Although there was a resistance not only by the indigenous people bt also by foreigner people, the construction of the dam could not be prevented, and Hasankeyf was flooded, its people were migrated. By adopting a stance against this situation, which took place despite the resisting society in Hasankeyf, a resistance is being formed against the abuse of society by the hierarchical authoritarian system we are in. It is argued that this resistance can only be achieved by producing a collective intelligence that acts as a single organism, which is united, instead of polarizing, produces together, decides together, and creates a common action, and the entire society is invited to do so.

Collective intelligence is the founding element of all social organizations, from a sports team to the authoritarian system we are in, and it is the factor that brings individuals together for common decency and cooperation. We can say that since ancient times it has helped to govern societies through collective problem-solving. today, it has reached a socio-technological level with the internet and big data. However, it can now be treated as a programmable process.

This process consists of steps such as common awareness, common production, common decision and common action. Although the project scenario was started by taking these steps, it was attempted not to decipher the boundary definition in the transition between each other. The aim of the project is to create a call center to show the sense of unity and the power of unity to the society that is resisting this authoritarian system in which we live.

The project was positioned next to the flooded Hasankeyf, opposite the settlement formed as a result of the new/authority, creating both an element of resistance with its presence and an icon feature with its purpose.

In this way, people who come here will be involved in the process, while at the same time participating in an adventure in which their awareness and ideas develop in the same direction as the process.



Area: 10.000 m2
Location: Hasankeyf, Batman/TURKEY

Rana Buse Tavsan
Instructors: Ulku Incekose, Ebru Yılmaz


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