Villa Mass is a residential project among other single-family houses on a 1022m2 plot in the Marmurbaba neighborhood. Given the larger plot of Villa Mass in comparison to its neighbors, the project took the liberty of expanding through the area by embracing landscape pieces in its mass.

The main living space with high ceiling provides a strong connection to outdoors via its high windows on 3 sides. Meanwhile, it creates an intimate space with a solid wall on the west and a fireplace designed on it. Following on the western facade, the staircases extend from the solid wall while taking the garden on its both sides. On the eastern facade however, a terrace interrupts the first floor’s walls. Its opening provides an efficient lightning for the corridors upstairs and for the high ceiling entrance. Considering the close proximity of the neighbors, the eastern facade has few openings, whereas the windows facing the north and the pool are generously designed.

The use of material creates a visual balance between the indoors and outdoors. The natural stone that covers the solid wall on the west side continues on the inner walls of the living space and the staircases. Furthermore, the coverings of the rooms upstairs can be seen on the living room ceilings and corridor walls.

Villa Mass has 5 rooms in addition to its outdoor spaces that enhances the living experience. There is an outer kitchen designed with a service access to the main kitchen on the inside. A terrace extends from the dining table at the far end of the outer kitchen to the pool. The terraces on different sides also have different top coverings that are designed according to the sun light directions that change throughout the day, making the terraces enjoyable at different times of the day. Moreover, the 15-meter-long pool concludes with a circular dent sitting area. The pool terrace positioned unparalleled with the pool to take the pieces of garden in between, maintaining the design decision that is balancing the concrete surface and the landscape.



• City: İzmir
• Country: Turkey
• Project Type: Single House
• Design: BAD- Başak Akkoyunlu Design
• Client: Karaaslan Yapı
• Civil Engineering Project: Erkan Karadağ
• Mechanical Engineerig PRoject: Arda Erşan
• Electrical Engineering Project: Mehmet Yapar
• Photography: Zeren Mehmet Yasa Photography
• Project: 2019
• Built: 2021
• Plot Area: 1.022 m²
• Built Area: 280m²

Basak Akkoyunlu
Yuksel Coban