Villa Juss is a distinctive residential project masterfully crafted by BAD-Başak Akkoyunlu Design office, nestled within the embrace of a lush 3500 m2 expanse adorned with Mediterranean fruits and blooming flower gardens.

The steep terrain already have been shaped using white 'Alaçatı' stone, a locally cherished material steeped in tradition. Through the ingenious vision of Başak Akkoyunlu's design, the untamed terraces at various levels have forged a meaningful relationship among themselves and with the flow of activities within the building. The sporadic need for re-leveling was artfully addressed through the incorporation of "black stones," yet another locally sourced material, creating a striking contrast between the preexisting and the contemporary.

Throughout the project, the concept of visual differentiation and perceptible discontinuity is thoughtfully applied between structural elements erected in different eras. Additionally, the building is strategically positioned with a 15-degree misalignment from the plot's boundaries, harnessing the breathtaking beauty of the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, a concrete strip embracing the structure reaffirms its connection with the landscape.

The challenge of westward-facing sun exposure is adroitly managed by the design of exterior curtains and refractors that temper the intensity of the horizontal sunlight. Consequently, every design decision, whether for the building or its surroundings, is thoughtfully rooted in the local context and the inherent charms of the landscape.

The building itself is a composition of three levels extending gracefully into the landscape, with two separate volumes connecting via a concrete courtyard on the east side, offering an alternative retreat during hot summer afternoons until sunset. The striking jacaranda tree, which disrupts the concrete surface of this courtyard, lends its name to the project, as it belongs to the jacaranda juss species.

The separate volumes are dedicated to three families, all part of an extended family. Each family enjoys private sleeping quarters on different floors, as well as two welcoming living rooms at the entrance and ground levels.

The central living space on the ground floor is under a pitched roof, shared with a terrace and enveloped by guillotine windows on the west façade that can be fully opened, providing an immersive outdoor experience. This facade features a landscape band reserved for the lush purple Fountaingrasses. Given the Mediterranean climate, the building enhances the outdoor experience with herb and spice gardens, an inviting infinity pool, an outdoor kitchenette, and abundant spaces for the extended family to relish. Sustainability is a key consideration, with design elements like a compost pool emphasizing environmental consciousness.

In sum, Villa Juss was crafted to offer a harmonious habitat for its inhabitants, skillfully weaving together contemporary living with the natural beauty of the Mediterranean surroundings.



City: Izmir
Country: Turkey
Proje Type: Single House

Plot Area: 3.500m²
Area: 370m²

Project: 2019
Built: 2021

Design: BAD- Başak Akkoyunlu Design
Construction: Encore Yapı
Head Architect: Basak Akkoyunlu
Design Team: Yüksel Çoban, Yağmur Taylan
Landscape Design: Terry Filidis Landscape Design
Photo: ZM Yasa Photography


ZM YASA Arch. Photography