Villa Juss is a residential project designed by BAD-Başak Akkoyunlu Design office, situated on a 3500 m2 plot of Mediterranean fruits and flower gardens.

Its steep terrain has already been leveled with white ‘Alaçatı’ stone, a local material that has been used by many generations. Following the integration of Başak Akkoyunlu’s new design into the area, the untended sets on different levels formed a meaningful relation both among themselves and with the flow of user activities in the building. Thus, the occasional need of re-leveling has been accomplished by using “black stones” still another local material, to compose a contrast between the existing and the new.

Throughout the project, the concept of creating a visual difference and a perceptible discontinuity was repeated between the constructional elements that were built in different periods. Besides, the building is positioned with a 15o of misalignment from the plot’s borders to benefit from the beauty of Mediterranean See at most. However, a concrete strip surrounding the structure reinstated its connection with the landscape.

Another challenge that arises from facing the see at west was managed by designing outer curtains and refractors that ease the horizontal direction of western sun lights. Consequently, all the design decisions for the building and its plot were made with the local context and the amenities of landscape in mind.

The building consists of three levels that extend out into the landscape, and two separate masses connecting with a concrete courtyard at east, proving an alternative living in the afternoon till the sunset during hot summer time.
The jacaranda tree disrupting the concrete surface of this courtyard is where the title of the project comes from, for it is among the species of jacaranda juss.

The consecutive masses are assigned to three families, parts of one extended family, where each family has sleeping amenities at different floors and 2 living rooms at entrance and ground floors.

The living space on the ground floor, which is the middle floor, is under the same pitched roof with terrace and surrounded by guillotine windows on the west façade that can be fully opened to provide an outdoor experience. The living rooms west facade, although above the ground has a landscape band along the façade reserved for purple pennisetums. Considering the Mediterranean climate, the building enriches the outdoor experience by its herb and spice gardens, infinity pool, outdoor kitchenette, and highly enjoyable spaces for the extended family. Thinking about the climate leads to discussions about sustainability, which is emphasized by design elements such as a compost pool.
As a result, Villa Juss was designed to create a habitable space for all those effected, and to compose a harmonious environment for its users.



City: Izmir
Country: Turkey
Proje Type: Single House

Plot Area: 3.500m²
Area: 370m²

Project: 2019
Built: 2021

Design: BAD- Başak Akkoyunlu Design
Construction: Encore Yapı
Head Architect: Basak Akkoyunlu
Design Team: Yüksel Çoban, Yağmur Taylan
Landscape Design: Terry Filidis Landscape Design
Photo: ZM Yasa Photography