We reconstructed the silk and silk films into the facade to form a rhythmic texture. The whole building resembles unfolded silk films and stacked books. Simple and modern without losing elegance, it reproduces the ritual system of traditional schools. Traditional implication comes oncoming without losing the beauty of modernity, creating a new artistic conception connected with historical and cultural memory. In the expression of the main façade, U-shaped glass is used to distinguish them. Two simple gray frame-shaped blocks sit on the soft and hazy U-shaped glass base, creating an artistic and varied volumetric relationship. The main color of the building is gray, which not only reflects the heavy feeling of the building, but also shows the beauty of purity and essence. This kind of introverted material selection and texture presentation of the overall "plain face" provides a more youthful cultural and artistic space experience. The combination of medium gray aluminum plate and U glass creates a fusion and collision of virtual and real on the building facade, increasing the artistic and elegant sense of the building facade; the entire second-story volume uses a double-layer facade, and the inner surface It is a window system that can be used for natural ventilation when opening windows in the room. The outer surface is perforated and aluminum veneer, which brings a rhythmic beauty to the building volume. The selection of facade materials is also an important part of the design. The texture of the perforated panels and the splicing method with the imitation wood grain aluminum panels, the selection of U glass material, and the material properties of the glass fence play a key role in the presentation of the facade effect. Material selection: The main facade uses 4mm thick medium gray aluminum plate and double-row 260x60x7mm U-shaped tempered glass, partially uses silver gray perforated aluminum plate and 4mm thick imitation wood grain aluminum plate, and the glass uses 6Low-E 12A 6mm hollow tempered glass. The combination of silver-gray perforated panels and imitation wood grain aluminum panels, with 25mm as the span of varying splicing, moves in an orderly manner, increasing the vitality and dynamics of the building. The semi-transparent U-shaped glass in the daytime softly brings the outdoor natural light into the exhibition center, and the indoor light at night makes the glass body glow at night. The blending relationship between material and environment is more like the integration of artistic aesthetics and cultural communication in the exhibition center. . The whole building is like unfolded silk sheets and stacked books. Reconstructing the bamboo and silk films into the rhythmic texture formed on the facade is simple and modern without losing elegance, reproducing the ritual order of traditional schools. It is full of traditional meaning while not losing a sense of modernity, creating a link between the city and the exchange of cultural memory.



Planning land area: 40214㎡
Planned construction land area: 40214 square meters
Total building area: 107916.75㎡

Building area above ground: 80428㎡
Residential building area: 79238.05㎡
Public supporting building area: 1189.95 square meters
Property management room area: 216.59 square meters
Party-mass service center area: 207.45 square meters
Area of service point for the elderly: 50.07㎡
Area of heat exchange station: 130.01㎡
Power distribution room area: 312.08 square meters
Underground building area: 27488.75㎡
Storage room: 7398.62 square meters
Underground garage: 13406.29 square meters
Underground air defense area: 6,683.84 square meters
Area: 8847.08㎡

Li Fucai,ZhaoYuanyuan,HuangXiaowen,Zhangzichao