AmberMeeting Office locates in the concrete jungle of Xi’an Central Business District, the designer hopes to create a quiet and comfortable place of work and communication.

HONGDesignworks dig out the aesthetic value of a futuristic office, inspired by the design concept of insects from nature and the art.

The curved shape makes the space soft and round. A sense of transformation and surprise of the insect are presented by the reshaping of the interior space.

HONGDesignworks uses land art, an artistic concept that poeple use nature as a medium to create an art form full of overall scenes. The green color in the space, the rough-textured ceiling, and the ripple-like pattern on the carpet are all the essence of expressions of earth art.

The trace of nature can be found in the texture of the art installation, the carpet, and the ceiling. The texture comes from the visible surfaces of various objects in nature, like the ripples of water, the veins of leaves, and the skin of trees. The element of community and natural ecology is outstandingly used in the space design by HONGDesignworks.

A green forest shows at the end of the corridor by passing through the office area. The booth is like a tree. Under this extensive area of greenery, the nerves can be relaxed excellently.

The general manager’s office is inspired by the scenery in the change of summer and autumn.

To the exploration of the futuristic office, office space can be a generator of creativity, and habitat with humanistic care. It links multiple individuals in life and inspires more fun and possibilities.


Project Name | AmberMeeting Office
Project Location | Xi’an, China
Project Area | 420m²
Completion Time | 2021/03
Photography Team | Tan, Xiao / Ten Photography Studio

Main Designer | Dang,Ming / Li,Dandi
Interior Furnish Design| HONG Designworks
Interior Designer | Tang,Xin
Project Team | Xie, Xu & Wang, Qing & Wang, Haichuan & Yan,Zhen & Qi, Aoge
Furnish Design | Yimu Designworks
Artistic Director| Li,Dandi
Implementation group | Shenzhuang General Construction Group Co., Ltd.