Urban centers like Mexico City and its constant transformation and growth present interesting opportunities for architectural projects. Torre Lev is the answer for taking advantage of a 4,000 sq. m lot in an important corner and transform, what originally was a 4 levels building, in a 6 levels corporate tower with commercial ground floor to make the most of the space and the excellent marketable location.

The main facade —on Avenida Universidad— is an integral glass element with prefabricated concrete frames to have a contemporary and uniform image. The access on ground level gets to and English courtyard located half level down were the commercial floor was located, resulting in a pleasant sunken plaza that serves both the building and zone users and also organizes the access to the corporate lobby.

Fully understanding corporate spaces needs, we designed 550 sq. m cost-effective free floor plans in order to provide the future tenants functional spaces to make the most of their investment. The vertical circulation and services block is located in the back of the lot allowing natural light and ventilation for staircases and toilets. The are 3 basements to cover the parking demand with an additional 20% reached by 2 carlifts.

The project has solar panels to meet the electricity needs for the common areas, chilled water tips in every level with a chiller in the roof top and 4.15 m height floors. The most adequate standards were considered for integrating to the area a functional and well-prepared building with a long lifespan and the best technology available.



Project name: Torre Lev
Category: Corporate
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Year: 2015
Area built: 7,700 sq m
Photography: Jaime Navarro

Interior proyect: ARCO Arquitectura Contemporánea
Arq. José Lew
Arq. Bernardo Lew
Team: Arq. Oscar Sarabia
Arq. Carlos Jimenez
Arq. Miguel Ocampo
Arq. Abigail Enriquez
Arq. Nahela Hinojosa
Arq. Miguel Juarez
Arq. Federico Teista
Beatriz Canuto
Arq. Cynthia Luna
Arq. Luis Quintana
Ing. David Dubovoy