Ho Chi Minh City is a significant city in Vietnam, serving as the country's political, economic, political, cultural, and social center. Ho Chi Minh City has a historical tradition and is rich in cultural treasures, which are integrating with the country and developing in accordance with the global opening trend of large cities.

Currently, contemporary art has received little attention and public attention in Ho Chi Minh City in particular, and in Vietnam in general, despite the fact that this art form has steadily piqued the interest of young people. The reason for this is that "viewers do not have the circumstances to interact with this art form.". They also lack a formal outlet for learning about this art style, as well as a venue to organize or promote contemporary art exhibits. As a result, the Museum of Contemporary Art is both vital and urgent, contributing to both the enhancement and affirmation of cultural values and the economic growth of Ho Chi Minh City.

The contemporary art museum project is being developed in the city center, where there is a lot of potential for economic, cultural, and tourism development... Furthermore, the site is valuable in terms of landscape. There is a long side that runs parallel to the Saigon River. This is a good vantage point for designing open spaces that interact with the river.

The land area still has many limits in terms of green landscape, and nearby residential neighborhoods lack communal space, according to the process of investigating and assessing the situation. As a result, the author suggested the "Floating" design concept for this project. To begin, the two spaces, public and living, are separated by two distinct blocks. Secondly, the exhibition block is raised to serve as a focal point for the whole construction and to provide an invisible link between the city and the river. Thirdly, use the space on the podium's roof to create a common living space. Finally, the author employs shapes and natural lines that contrast with the surrounding architectural form to create a focal point for the work while also attracting visitors.

The material in the display block serves as a mirror, reflecting the city's past, present, and future. The building not only displays pieces of art, but also people and daily life in action. That is the author's desired outcome.


Area: 25.000 m2
Percentage of building density: 45%
Floor: 8
Height: 41.5 m

Instructor: Đỗ Quốc Hiệp
Student: Bùi Phan Duy Bảo


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