Located in Binh Duong province, where there are many traditional villages of pottery. The project aims to create a work of archival, preservation, research on ceramic specimens and introduce the cultural - economic characteristics of the long-standing ceramic craft in Vietnam. It is also a promising tourist destination of Binh Duong province.
The shape of the building is developed symbolically here. Use natural solutions in the works. The connection between interior space and landscape space creates a closer relationship between people and nature, bringing an interesting experience.
The space layout solution is adapted to the shape of the site, taking advantage of the space to create a lobby that connects visitors. The space is clearly distributed to ensure the exit distance as well as the clear sightseeing chain. The exhibition space is connected by corridors and stairs to ensure the independence of each topic about ceramics. Exploiting the surrounding landscape, creating walkways so that visitors can easily access the work from many different directions.


Site area: 4.8 ha
Total floor area: 1.4 ha

Lam Hoang Minh Tri