The client simplified his requirement with-“a calm space, using fewer colours and more simplicity with materials, with maximum possible storage, light, and ventilation.” This is 4 bedroom apartment, converted into 3bhk with another room as workspace.
Entering through a small vestibule one is impressed with - “The overall aesthetic of the home that is, one of openness, where spaces are multi-functional without crowding the overall layout of drawing, living, and dining.”
The drawing room is characterized by bespoke furniture in hushed tones. Neutral sofas, patterned rug, and ornate puffies embellished with raw-wood center table are highlighted with brick-patterned wall cladding.
The continuing ceiling pattern in the open layout of drawing, living, and dining, reflects the rhythmic flow of the apartment, making it look spacious.
The dining area is just beyond the drawing-room. The dining table is minimal in matt-back-painted glass-top and is accompanied by grey-tufted chairs, to visually connect it with the greys of the living & kitchen, which adjoins the dining area.
The kitchen is visually connecting to the drawing, living, and dining area, this space features a high breakfast counter that breaks the visual continuity with the cooktop. It is finished with high gloss glass finish material and outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment pieces as desired by the client.
The living space exudes a sense of openness accentuated by its inside-outside connection. The adjacent balcony flushes the whole space with its south-light. The grey-plush material of the sofa furniture adds luxury and comfort to space.
The wooden screen acts as a backdrop to the seating as well as passage to the bedrooms, maintaining partial privacy to both areas.
Intricately designed using a combination of lotus-motif cut in wooden logs, this decorative screen works as a backdrop to a Puja. Lotus and bells are justifiably used in this Puja screen since both are important elements of Hindu culture.
The Master bedroom is created with a unique design where the toilet door was extruded to be a part of the wardrobe, creating an interesting hidden element within the space. Seamless, but the deep margins between segments add a sense of refinement to this wardrobe wall. A lovely approach in a minimalistic bedroom, where you don’t want to draw undue attention to the cabinetry and toilet door.
Children’s bedroom achieves a stylish and serene ambience with the warmth of teak wood in the backdrop with the clean combination of PU finish for furnishes.
Parent’s bedroom with grey textured wall and dominative use of wood & PU compliments the overall ambience of the apartment.
Home offices are increasingly popular, who would rather spend less time commuting and more time being productive. This workspace gives true justice with its simple and naturally lit ambiance.
The apartment features a series of dramatic artworks and accents in a variety of materials and colour combinations that serve a refreshing and lively mood for the occupants.
Pleasing interiors are all about the right proportions and a good mix of colors and materials and also a balance between client requirements and an effective program. This apartment becomes a perfect home that represents every space individually but gives a perfect ambience as a whole.




Ar. Harikrushna Pattani, Ar. Hemang Mistry, Ar. Ashish Rathod, Ms. Pooja Solanki, Ar. Vasavi Mehta.