The Rosewood Service apartments are designed keeping in mind the concept of a home away from home. The intent was to create a development with 44 all-in-one rooms, with all appropriate facilities including a self-sufficient pantry.

Designed in a manner, that the ground floor is completely dedicated to common activities, as a result, the upper floors have absolute privacy. There are multiple common facilities such as the conference room, library, TV room, gym & also a restaurant. Each space has been designed for interiors as per its functionality. The reception area has been designed to ensure that the visitor/ guest are comfortable with substantial seating space along with a pleasing ambience. Evoking an Indian ethos, at the entrance, the traditional tree of life pattern is crafted in laser-cut jaali. Amalgamating this with a more contemporary notion of arts and crafts, a customized 3-dimensional artwork offsets the entry space, behind the reception table. The restaurant has been designed keeping in mind the multi-purpose use of the space as it could be also used for banqueting. It has plenty of natural light and the use of bright colors in the fabric add brightness to the room. The conference room is designed to be more formal, with the furniture design to be flexible for multiple types of arrangements.
The interiors of the rooms are designed to be reminiscent of home styling and are laid out in three different types of configurations – twin room, double room and suites. Each room is brightly done up with high ceilings and large windows that bring in ample daylight. The contemporary interiors include a combination of wooden & tile flooring and a complete modular kitchen equipped with all appliances. Further, through use of wall paper, painting and lamps, the room gets augmented with warmth and character.