The Residencial Veritas designed in the coastal town of Torres in the extreme south of Brazil, the architectural starting point was to take advantage of the beautiful views that the lot provides in all the various levels and possible angles.
The building consists of a series of overlapping shelters, which are the basis for large balconies visually connected with the horizon. The conceptual design of the Residencial Veritas is a large block with juxtaposed volumes that visually zoned the apartments and value the corner where the building is located.
The "L" distribution of your plant allows all the apartments of the development to be facing the corner areas, and therefore, have excellent solar orientation and cross ventilation.
The materials were carefully used in the design to provide color, textures and transparency. While transparency connects visual perception on the outside, masonry blocks it by valuing building volumes and giving weight to the building. The materials are apparent and understanding the design is very easy. The residents can enjoy the free spaces, offering numerous possibilities. The architecture was influenced by its surroundings and by the basic needs of the contemporary human being.



Land area - 1017,00 m²
total built area - 7,483.00 m²
48 units of 3 and 2 bedrooms
Architectural Project: Torres & Bello Arquitetos
Construction: K & S Empreendimentos Imobiliários

Torres & Bello:
Arqtº Alberto Torres
Arqtª Audrey Bello Ramos
Arqtº André Mafra
K&S: Eloir Krasburg

Veritas - Construtora K&S by Torres Arquitetos in Brazil won the WA Award Cycle 29. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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