Caner is an Office Project located on Eskişehir Road, one of the main axes of the city. The consept is based on providing multiple types of Office Rooms, surrounding a void at the core of the building. Purpose of the core void is to make a visual and social connection between offices. Also bridges with gardens passes through the void provides a common ground to enhance collective activities between offices. Meeting and resting rooms , cafes, yoga and meditation spaces are also connected to this main gallery. Horizontal masses coming together creates terraces for offices where employees can take a break without leaving the building. Ground floor is reserved for commercial activities which also is going to serve for office workers.


Floor Area: 20000 m2
Composed of 7 commercial ,70 office units.

Gökhan Aksoy
Ayşin Sevgi
Zeynep Seyhan
Kerime Vural
Evin Kangal