As an interactive public project, that intersect visitors with locals, Hikaya Beach project came to create this interaction and cultural exchange to pull the economic crawl towards Swemeh (an 8,000 population indigent and neglected village on the Dead Sea Beach, Jordan).

This economic development will increase social interaction between the two target groups, which is the problem that stands against Swemeh's development, and that will lead to an Urban development of all sides, which will break boundaries between the Old city of Swemeh and the Expensive and Extensive hotels side of the beach.

The project idea was to connect the two sides with the Dead Sea highway, to connect the separated sides of Swemeh with a commercial tunnel that will bring light of hope to the village again (The Tunnel of Light)", and using an Architectural style based on people crafts, later called with "The Architecture of Weaving".

The project consists of a Cummunity Center, a Commercial tunnel, a Service Trainign Academy, Two restaurants, a Three stars hostel and public places and pool.



Location: Swemeh, Dead Sea Basin, Al-Balqa' govern, Jordan
Building Area: 14,000 sqm
Coverage Area: 8,000 sqm
Targer Group: Local residents and The Dead Sea beach visitors and tourists.
Aims and Goals: Urban (Socio-economic) development of Swemeh Village.

Methods and software used to finish this project:

1. Free hand architectural sketches.
2. Autodesk Revit.
3. Adobe Photoshop

1. Abdullah Eldurini - Graduation Student ( University of Petra)
2. Hadeer Merza (Supervisor)