Amman is a young city of massive potential, with many untapped stories, talents and aspirations. As such, it holds a unique opportunity to become an oasis for creativity, presenting a critical cross-section of design in the region and highlighting the diversity of Jordan's rich tapestry. There are talents that have not been discovered or encouraged to continue showing their work in their modern and different kinds of arts.
We are in an extraordinary era defined by a vital , transformative movements that could not be foreseen . In a time characterized by mass migrations , interactive technology , hyper-connectivity , as well as issues of accessibility and strained mobility, design offers a driving force through which we strive for physical , mental or emotional freedom through (Art )
Art presents new opportunities through the exchange of expressions , stories , and ideas , but also introduces new challenges as we dive into an unpredictable future . the designers carry the responsibility of anticipating and responding to the ebb and flow of change-innovation to propel us into future , while also allowing us to slow down in appreciation down in appreciation of the past .
for Amman design week that offers an array of programs that keep discourse alive around design , craft and making , with an aim to build further connections and elaborate learning programs focused on local and conscious design .

Amman Design Week is an annual immersive experience in design, supported by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah.
To let all talented people to show there arts and different design for all
different designers . like ( architect , interior , graphic , painter and fashion design )
Its empowers communities in rural and urban areas across Jordan through learning and economic opportunities that allow them to develop new products or initiatives in design that highlight craft alongside other local talents.
The project will be exhibition of modern art that will be shows the art that will be in the hanger of Ras Al-Ain and will allow the designers of these arts to display their exhibits and also to sell them in contrast of the exhibition of the Hanger, which only allows them to only display their exhibits and at the end of the event are returned exhibits for designers without benefit or sell them to benefit Designer of them.

Amman Design Week is an important event comes once a year .It is No longer a local event it has become a regional event that highlights the artists and events and allows to display their work over time increase this importance with the increase of the magnificence of the exhibits, which are sold part of them and part of them are disposed of and returned to the owner and remains of them only . Unfortunately these pictures do not remain . From here the idea came of providing an additional station where the consciousnesses are displayed throughout the year

This project will be the starting point for Amman design week it will be hub and main place of ADW , it will be include permanent gallery of important works and arts that will be shown in the hanger which only allows them to only display their exhibits and at the end of the event are returned exhibits for designers without benefit or sell them . This project will help these designers to be know them and it becomes a memory of the time .

The site was carefully chosen/( King Abdullah Park 1 in Wadi Saqra ) to be a medium between Shmeisani and Al Hussein suburb for housing in the Rabies area. The park has been allocated 85 acres of the most beautiful land in terms of views, tendencies and quality of the soil, and received special provisions of Emaar to accommodate all uses, has equipped the level of the settlement to accommodate about 700 cars and the entrances and exits regularly distributed, was built an open runway can accommodate about 2000 spectators, Buildings along pedestrian corridors with majestic arches, main building for internal activities, At the beginning of the project, emphasis was placed on recreational games King Abdullah I Park was a nice place to go but now it is became abandoned and disused place but the location of the site is good because its easy to find and near from the of Amman design week .It will be the starting point for Amman design week and the main hub.

Project Contents :
1- Existing building :
A)-Permanent Gallery = 5868m2 B) Bazar =2139 m2
2- Proposed Buidling :
A)-Amman design week centre = 2595m2




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