Al-Tafila Echo; Interpretation and visitors center:
the project is a visitors center that uses interpretation of history and culture as a method to create a place that reflects people calls as an architectural space where tourists and locals can interact in doing cultural activities such as farming, products making and learning, these functions are selected to help the visitors understand the place more before going and visiting the historical site.
the project is located in southern Jordan 183km away from its capital Amman in a city called "Al-Tafila",
The project is a response to one of the most important needs of Al-tafila province and one of the issues the local community highlighted through their calls which is Advertising of the historical landmarks of tafila and identifying it on the national tourism board.
Based on the previous statement the project is going to respond to people calls by creating an interpretation of history to tell the story of the place through its timeline as an exhibition space till it meets with "tafila today" which is the cultural part of the project.
Project aims and goals:
1- identifying the historical time line of the place.
2- Highlighting the historicat landmark of each civilization.
3- Attracting tourists and encouraging tourism.
4- Production of goods products to gain a financial benefit for the project.
5- creating a community area to response to the cultural needs of the locals.
Design Idea:
Based on the project name "Al-tafila echo" :
Echo is a phenomenal that happens when the sound return to its source with a little bet of delay making the screamer or the caller hear his/her own sound comming from a different source, this phenomenal is well known in mountains and closed empty spaces.
since the project is a response to the local community calls and during the nature of tafila and its mountains the design concept emerged from the motion of the reflected sound waves while capturing it through architecture coming to its source. By creating a circulation layer that moves toward a "source" while revealing the hidden history from under the ground layer toward the climax of the project witch is the community area "tafila today" and its panoramic view.

project program includes Exhibition spaces , library, lecture halls, workshops, multi-purpose room, and a Traditional cafe with a panoramic view.



AL-TAFILA ECHO; Interpretation and visitors center by ghayth awad in Jordan won the WA Award Cycle 28. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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