Liberty Global is the world’s largest cable operator offering leading services in advanced video, telephone, and broadband Internet. In the new vision for the future, the company aspires to create one globally unified organization under the brand Liberty Global. One that is strongly focused on collaboration, interaction and personal engagement. Liberty Global acknowledges the supporting role of workplace interventions in reshaping the corporate culture, identity and work patterns.

The 20’000 m2 campus at Schiphol-Rijk near Amsterdam serves as an inspiring home for employees where they feel welcome and appreciated, where they can meet in a pleasant and effective environment, and which creates a strong sense of engagement and a source of pride for working at Liberty Global.

For the new Liberty Global campus, Evolution Design developed a new architectural identity, which includes a brand new graphic and colour concept throughout all spaces and all 5 campus buildings.

Inspiring communication and collaboration spaces were ‘inserted’ into the existing floor layouts: various empowering breakout areas, energy hubs, formal and informal meeting rooms and phone booths are all designed with a unique identity. That was achieved through specially made graphics, material choices, colour patterns and plants, all of which support the vision and values of Liberty Global.


5 campus buildings
20’000 m2
Photography: © DigiDaan

Stefanie Wandiger, Tim Sparks, Irene Garcia, Natalia Maciejowska, Ekaterina Kozhevnikova