Project site is in Avcılar which is the new urban transformation area of European side of İstanbul. Because of the earthquake risk of the region the height of the building is limited. Project area is on a commercial boulevard, next to Istanbul University Campus, and in front of the Kucukcekmece Lake.

As a perimeter block type of housing the three buildings surround the site and leave a large green landscape in the center. These three blocks look through a "big window" and opens up to the sensation of a gigantic space that serves all the occupants to get the sunlight. This big window also has a great panoramic lake view. The garden is the center of the socializing activities such as; secured playgrounds specially designed for children, lounge , a movie house, rich landscape area, swimming pools for adults and children, Fitness center, sauna, Lounge area ,Indoor hobby area , Indoor cinema , Indoor children playground ,Children first step park, Football & Basketball fields , Openair cinema, Walking trail etc..

The architecture of the linear housing units is identified with the balconies. The diversity of the balconies creates a 3 dimensional texture on the surface of the building. Also the floor gardens are the colorful major architectural elements splitting the long geometry of the blocks. These common floor gardens are also the socializing platforms tended to the lake panorama.

The commercial units at the external side of the surrounding blocks, are designed in a different way to figure out the public squares by the pedestrian circulation axes. Unlike the orthogonal shaped housing units, these units have an irregular geometry to harmonize with the people's movements.



Ender Ergün, Eser Ergün, Burcu Durmaz, İpek Hayrater, Servet Unver, Esma Değirmenci (Concept Project was prepared in collaboration with Tamirci Architects)
Interior Design: Zeynep Ergün, Esat Özkan, Gizem Arslaner, Meltem Uysal, Anıl Asal