Kindergarten in Wilanów district of the city of Warsaw, was designed for 250 children.

Structure was adapted to the surrounding landscape and low-rise buildings. Architects had to put all the necessary functions for a small kindergarten on a limited narrow plot, which is why the outdoor area with a playground was a big challenge. All this has been achieved while maintaining a large, more than 70% of soft landscaped area.

Working with a building structure on a narrow plot was like playing with toy wooden blocks, when imagination and creativity is stimulated. Typical set of several wooden blocks allowed us to arranging many combinations and find the best fitting building shape that looks more compact. The project assumes breaking the block building into several smaller parts, which have been slightly shifted in a row with each other. Thanks to this, we managed to maximally use a narrow and long plot.
An additional advantage is the wood claddings. Wooden façade warms the building and refers to the local Nature Reserve. The two-storey building was fully adapted for the disabled kids. The kindergarten was adapted to the needs of the youngest users through a clear functional layout. Rooms for learning and playing, bathrooms, changing rooms, catering and administrative facilities as well as technical rooms are in thematic blocks, moreover, different functional zones have been distinguished into zones by means of vivid wall colours and nature graphics. Each room has been individually treated with the appropriate choice of colours and design. The project appeared colourful street art referring to nature and birds.

On the second floor, there is also a place for a recreational spacious terrace, used for recreation, which allows to view the edge of the forest of a nature reserve. Wooden floors and openwork beams supporting the glass roof partially protect from excessive sun, and at the same time brings natural light. Thanks to this, in this space there is a warm atmosphere conducive to learning and playing. High, thick-walled railings were designed to provide children with safety. This treatment enabled the opening of the terrace to the surrounding landscapes, and thus the penetration of green into the interior. A combination of wood, many glazings, a simple harmonious shape and a clear layout give this building a timeless character.



Completion Year: 2017
Gross Built Area: 3147,88m2
Photo credits: Tremend
Manufacturers / Products:
Porta - doors
Rockwool – thermal insulation
RHEINZINK - Titanium Zinc Cladding
STO - silent direct acoustic panels
GMV – elevators
Geberit – sanitary parts
Rockfoon – acoustic ceilings
AGC Glass Poland – glass
Dombal – wood terrace
Aluprof - aluminum joinery