L32 is a leisure home for someone who's looking for calm and harmony with nature and its surroundings. Located in the region of Guacima in Alajuela, the main challenge was to build naturally fresh and pleasant spaces without having to make use of air conditioning. The central space, the living room, the heart of the house is double height letting escape the warm air of the south by clearstories windows and at the same time allowing the first morning rays to hit the kitchen. The large bay window of the terrace is oriented towards the North, the ideal direction because the less sunny and towards the garden and the large park. The two upper bedrooms are cantilevered above the North and South terraces to protect them from the rain and the sun while maintaining free and fluid spaces. The main materials of finishes used are plywood, metal, glass, panels of firber-cements that respond to an economic and functional approach as part of a simple lifestyle and devoid of any ostentatious element.



Site: La Guacima, Alajuela.
Superficy: 2000sq.ft
Budget: 800$/sq.ft. all included

Architectural design - Sébastien Verniers - Tel+(506)83772209
Structural design - Ing. Alvaro Morales - Tel+(506)88180174
Builder - Constructora VECA - Tel +(506)88704877 - FB: @constructoraVECA