Single-family house in the form of a homogeneous solid in the shape of the "L" letter. Despite the large volume of the building, it gives the impression of light one. It's because of large windows and bright colors of elevation. With a glass facade at ground level it seems like a building floating above the ground.
To the main entrance we are led by the monolithic illuminated steps, running along the decorative wall coveredred by rust-colored quartz. The wall is an attractive part of both the interior and the surroundings of the building, because its beginning is already in the dining room and from there wall "coming out" of the building, moving from the inside to the outside facade. The solid of wall is dotted by rectangular glass and a decorative fireplace, located on the terrace level.
The building is surrounded by a large garden with a long water pool. It was designed on a common axis of the glass dining room interior design, so it is an extension and an attractive decorative element that certainly entertains many Sunday breakfasts. The rest of the garden, in contrast to the geometric building blocks, is carried out with a soft, meandering through the trees line that separates the lawn from the surface of the gravel planted discounts boxwood shrubs of different heights, creating smaller and larger groups. Although the garden is dominated by only two species of plants (Buxus sempervirens, Acer rubrum), an effect associated with seasonal variability of Acer and year-round vivid green color of Buxus and diverse forms of plant mass is surprising and very elegant in its simplicity. With its outdoor lighting Serralunga lamps, at night the garden turns into a truly fairytale land.



Design Agency: STUDIO.O. Organic design
Designer: Agnieszka Kobus
Client: private
Location: Warsaw-Poland
Year: 2012
Area: 500m2

Designer: Agnieszka Kobus