The idea of the design is to create a structure on the existing site of the Mehtab Bagh that encourages the visitors to experience an exceptional view of The Taj and to house in itself an open-air theatre , open-air gallery space and walking ramp ending with seating to enjoy the view, with necessary service areas.
The design language itself is a merge of both contemporary and traditional paradigms of the Taj combined with the use of Mughal paintings, in a transformed eclectic manner.
Moreover, the structure is designed not to overcome the importance of the Taj physically, but rather to complete it in a subtle and harmonious way.
Different materials were used with the structure built in concrete and concrete is exposed to give the exterior finishing. The open-air theatre/gallery space is provided with built seats for people to set to attend cultural performances. The nature of the built structure is airy and open to encourage the natural ventilation and natural daylight and bring them into every part of the structure.



The site is about 300 m X 300 m.


Hadi Baghlaf

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