ONGC is a designated green building where the entire structure is a terraced structure with a north south orientation where the south facing side has been given lot of sun screens and the main north facing structure has been kept open with lot of the view for an eye.
There are curves which are exclusively designed for the top elevation of the building to give it a stylish look. To make it energy efficient the building also has got a provision to embed solar photo voltaic cells which will generate power for general common areas. The best feature for ONGC in terms of energy saving is the use of the waste discharge gas from the adjoining plant which will be converted into vapor and thus generate power for the air conditioning systems for the entire building. All the materials used has a recycle component of almost 70 % like tiles, carpets, modular furniture, etc. All lights used here are also energy saving LED lamps. Even the street light within the premises are solar powered.