Only a few years ago, the only way to have a practical and stylish interior was to follow one specific style and match every element of your space to that particular style. However, today, you can relax and take things much less seriously with an eclectic style that is modern and vintage, elegant and quirky. Now, you don’t have to opt for only one style to have a well-thought-out space—mixing modern with vintage is all the rage in the designer circles. So, resist the urge to renovate your vintage home and simply spice things up with a few touches of contemporary style.

Use Color As A Unifying Element

Since vintage and modern interior styles are quite different, they will not mix very well unless you introduce an element that will tie them together. One very simple way to bring cohesion to any space is to grab a can of paint and give your home a fresh coat of color. Don’t limit yourself to walls only! A great way to make elements blend is to paint them the same color. For instance, if you have a vintage vanity and a very modern coffee table, they will fit in perfectly if you paint them the same color!

Accessorize For The Win

Probably the cheapest way to achieve vintage modern style is to use different accessories. Accessorize your home with different vintage pieces like old cameras, vintage photos, ceramic figurines and vintage china. For a more modern approach to decoration, opt for abstract sculptures, metallic accents and geometric lighting fixtures. But, don’t think that you can just scatter them around your house—the best effect is achieved when décor elements are grouped together. Try to employ pieces of different finishes, heights and textures to make things interesting and add depth to the space.

Spice Things Up With Patterns

The whole point of vintage modern style is not to be too matchy-matchy, so make certain elements of your home pop. If you want to spice things up a bit with your décor, you can’t go wrong with patterns. So, if you have a vintage space, try to add some elegance to it with simple geometric patterns. If the situation is reversed, add some charm and eclecticism with colorful, rich and complicated vintage patterns. The best way to spice things up is with your window treatments, upholstery and decorative pillows. Your floors can also be made more interesting with beautiful round rugs. Choose the type you like and add some warmth and style to your floors.

Light It Up

Lighting up your home is never easy, especially if you want to mix different design styles and bulbs. For instance, many people find that energy-efficient LEDs look very out of place in vintage fixtures. However, if you opt for shaded lamps, you can combine modern efficiency with vintage charm without any worry. Lamps come in all sorts of sizes, styles and materials, so you’ll certainly find one that fits your home.

Introduce Weathered Pieces

If you want to boost the charm of your modern space, make sure to get a few worn-out and beat-up pieces that will instantly add character, interest and warmth to every room. For instance, weathered vintage cabinets can do wonders for your ultra-modern kitchen and old, mismatched chairs with peeling paint can add a lot of interest to your shiny, glass dining table. You can visit your local flea market or vintage store and try to find some beat-up items or take your existing elements and weather them yourself. You only need a few things to give your items a distressed look, so don’t hesitate to try your hand at a little DIY.

Modern vintage is one of the most popular interior design styles right now, loved by many for its versatility, freedom and affordability. It’s also great for people who are indecisive as well as those who are eco-friendly (modern vintage style encourages reusing, repurposing and upcycling). So, don’t hesitate to give your living space a new charm that is elegant and quirky at the same time by mixing modern and vintage style in your home.




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