The project is not just a cohousing project but also focuses on emblematic of the forementioned developmental issues in that it offers an alternative vision for Ankara River basin and urban riverfront. The overarching intent is to suggest a sustainable urban living prototype for Ankara.

It is not a completely zero carbon design but it is a new sustainable way of living experience for Ankara city. The fundamental idea is elevating main circulation from the ground and creating a new circulation path for residents. This green Algea Bridge consists of a sandwich system of polycarbonate panels. The orientation of the bridge gets lots of sunlight and CO2 that is exactly what algea needs to thrive.

- To create natural landscape layer on the ground
- Solution for privacy issue for residents
- New experience between stream and people
- To clarify air and stream water

The units have a water clarification system that cleans
the Ankara Stream in 3 steps:
1) Wetlands (natural purification)
2) General water filter which also directs the water towards to the ponds
3) Purification ponds clarify the water and distribute it again.



Location: Ankara Stream, Ankara

Tunahan Mert Topuz