The fresh air and sunny skies of the mountains beckon for a hideaway from the city life and for the pristine views and natural splendor. With peaks reaching a formidable meters, the dramatic Himalayan mountain range and the river Kosi deliver a spectacular backdrop for this retreat. Located in a small town Mohaan, situated in one of the oldest national park the Jim Corbett National Reserve of India, the Tiger Resort takes its name and identity from the surrounding landscape.
The client's brief - “away from the crowds” takes on an entirely new meaning. Nestled at 1,132 feet above sea level, the 68 rooms and suites have panoramic views of the river and the majestic Himalayas. The resort's ethos to offer a relaxed atmosphere with attentive service is well met by the point-to-point connections offered throughout the complex, which often begins even before the check-in.
Spread across 5 acres of land, the meandering pathways throughout the property, leads into the complex with stunning elements of surprises, encouraging the guests to appreciate the natural surroundings. Finished in rough stucco paint, the exterior of this resort complex succeeds at blending in with its environment, whilst also standing as a bold design statement. The exciting self-contained complex with cottage style accommodation of varied styles includes private hut villas, furnished holiday apartments, shop, restaurant, bar and ballrooms for wedding/conference events - all arranged organically around landscaped avenues. Designed to connect guests with the environment, the resort presents a whimsical take on local wildlife. Combining modern design with innovative uses of natural, local materials (such as river stone, local available marble), Tiger Resort's exquisite interior effortlessly reflects its exterior, adding to the purifying immensity of the mountains.
There are plenty of perches from which to take in the surrounding magnificence, including balconies and outdoor seating that are dotted with hammocks and sun loungers; an outdoor pool; private bar, and the restaurant that serves local and seasonal cuisine along with regional beverages. The interiors capture the essence of jungle living and just the right touch of cosmopolitan flair with soft colors and textures, natural materials, and minimal, bespoke accessories. With the perfect balance of hutment-style organic architecture and the theme of forest design, the Tiger Resort is a unique oasis creating hospitality experiences that encompass "high-style luxury."