Located in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Sky Villas are designed as individual bungalows on multiple elevated levels, promoting a balance between community living and private residences, creating unique homes in the sky.

The neighborhood project consist of 12 numbers of B+G+9 story residential towers,a school, community shopping, a club house, and a mosque on a land area of 20 acres. The total built up area of the project is 30 lac sqft.

The residential buildings comprise of private duplexes on the 1st to the 8th floors and penthouses on the 9th floor. The ground floor is kept free for community and green spaces opening out into water courts. Dhaka is enveloped between two rivers and has plenty of waterways and channels. Living amidst greenery and water is especially important to the people of the city, and therefore large water courts and green areas have been incorporated at the ground level, elements that bind together the entire neighborhood. Parking is accommodated in the basement and in certain open areas.

Each bungalow unit is designed as a duplex, accessible from an elevated ‘street’. One enters the bungalow by opening a wooden gate, stepping up to a plinth of height 2’, into a double height personal entry lobby with name plate and letter box, covered by pergola above and greenery alongside! The elevated ‘streets’ are rendered with lush greenery, bollards, lamp posts, and even benches to recreate a feeling of an actual street of Dhaka.

The focal point of each unit is the living-dining space, which opens into a deck and lavish private green, stretching the entire unit length. All bedrooms open out into private green areas, and the kitchen opens into a large kitchen garden. The open plan with large window openings allow for cross ventilation through the bungalow, and all spaces receiving plenty of day light.

The composition of solids and voids in the elevation, reflecting exciting interior spaces create a simple, smart and contemporary form with an international appeal.

The material palette is a simple combination of external wood, exposed concrete, white paint over plaster, lush greenery punctuated by water courtyards.



Site area- 20 acres
Total Built up area-30 lac sqft.

Sukanya Dasgupta, Tamal Dasgupta, Sreyash Dasgupta

Sky Villa by Sukanya Dasgupta in India won the WA Award Cycle 27. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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