Designing a commercial, office and entertainment complex:
The ground floor, first and second floors are the entire commercial complex and shopping center
On the third floor, there are administrative units, an amusement park and a sports hall
In addition to the amusement park, the fourth floor has a restaurant and the fifth and sixth floors have movie theaters. Also, there is a hypermarket and parking on the first negative floor, and the negative second floor has complex facilities in addition to the parking. Movement and fluidity have been taken into account in the design of the complex form, and in addition, it has a pedestrian path between the complexes, which, in addition to the shopping center and the store that evokes the market, has fast food and an open environment for sitting with curved facades. It makes the track more dynamic and uneven
And also to enter the administrative units, it has access from the back of the building, and the complex with the entrance shows the index of the main building, and also all the buildings are connected with each other by means of communication bridges.
But each building has its own entrance
It has four buildings and each building has a window to allow light to enter the entire complex, and it is also possible to access the roof on three buildings so that it can be a more dynamic and fluid complex and at the same time a happy and uplifting environment for others. be people
The use of curved forms as well as curved shells in the facades of the middle of the building as well as in the main facades, in addition to being structural, also has curvature to make the complex more active and attractive.



project site area: 30.000 m2

floors :six floors


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